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Teaching with technology

When you think of teaching with technology, what forms of it do you think of? The most common answers would probably be a computer, projector, and maybe a smart board. Those are all good sources, and are fine to plan a lesson around, however, our daily lives are completely surrounded with technology. Why not bring those into the classroom? Why not use them for your benefit? Children are always excited when they get to learn in different and unique ways. This blog is mainly just to give you ideas of how to incorporate technology in appropriate ways into your classroom.

First off, taking notes is always very time consuming…I would encourage the students to have access to a computer and type out the notes. In this day and time period, the younger generations are incredibly fast with a keyboard. Would this not be more time efficient and possible leave time for review of the notes rather than up to the bell writing?

It is widely known that music can clear a mind and increase attentiveness, especially classical, why not set up speakers and let the students listen to classical music in the background during free study, silent reading, or note taking, or even while they are taking a test. The benefits of this are shown throughout many studies. If you aren’t convinced, go Google it, the results are everywhere. Especially if you are a foreign language teacher like myself, this is a great way to incorporate culture without even setting aside extra time.

The third form of technology that I would like it talk about in this post is online surveys and quizzes, there are some websites that actually allow you the teacher to create a quiz with different forms of answers like (multiple choice, fill in the blank, or T/F) then the students use their cell phones to answer, it is sent to the website in real time and you can see the answers filter into the website. It is the quickest way a teacher could ever grade 30 quizzes in a matter of seconds and then put those grades into their grade book instantly. I think this could be a very powerful tool. 

In fact; go to to see what I’m talking about!

Thanks, hope this gives you some inspiration!


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