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In my previous post I gave different examples of how a teacher can incorporate technology into their classroom in fairly easy ways. One form I briefly touched upon was music; I mentioned how beneficial classical music can be in a learning environment and how in foreign language classes it can be used to show the students a bit of culture.

I would like to further go into depth about using music and give you more ways to access a vast variety for your students. Most everyone already is signed up and is using, and for those of you that don’t know what this is…it is a website and available in an app which provides listeners with free music of any and all genres. You even have the ability to type a genre or artist into the search bar and create your own station. For example, I could type in NSYNC and an NSYNC radio would pop up, and their songs as well as similar artists would be channeled into that radio station.

This is a great site to listen to music, however; there is not a very wide selection of foreign language music on there and for me specifically, this would be a problem for in my classroom. So, I came across another website that is also available as an app and it is called and can be found at This has a vast variety of foreign music and offers all that Pandora does. I love and what it has to to offer. I urge you to get on, sign up, and check it out! Especially if you are looking for some current foreign music to let your students listen to, or even just for yourself!


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