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Technology fail.

So, this is now my fifth attempt at posting this! Our internet was down, so I attempted to use my iPhone and it froze three separate times. So I restarted it, and hoped that would fix the issue. However, nothing changed…so I was faced with a dilemma. I decided to get creative and make a video to upload and use as a video blog…ironically, that too wouldn’t work. It seemed like nothing I would try worked. So, finally our internet was fixed and now I am making a successful post!

Teaching with technology is great, and with some students it allows them to succeed when traditional teaching styles aren’t working for them. However, like I have been experiencing technology is not always reliable and can fail. This is when you as a teacher show everyone what being a teacher is all about. Teachers are always prepared and when everything else seems to fail, we always have a back up plan. I say when nothing else works, you can always go back to traditional ways. We know how to adapt and make things work for all our students, so when technology doesn’t work…the key is to never be thrown off. Preparation is key as a teacher. So more than anything, this post is to be encouraging when things don’t always go as planned. Unfortunately I do not have a website to use in this post…but I hope this gives you some inspiration to never let technology get the best of you. It’s a wonderful tool to use, but remember, it is just a tool; not the teacher!


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