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I remember as a student when the TV rolled into the classroom everyone had smiles on their face! We viewed it as a break from learning, an easy class period, a stress reliever. However, I still to this day, more than 5 years later remember things I’ve learned through the movies in class. Movies are key, because students don’t view them as hard or stressful like class can sometimes be for them. When a teacher comes across a school and topic appropriate movie to show to their students they are holding the key to learning in their hands. Students soak up so much knowledge when watching movies. Some teachers choose to handout worksheets during movies, and some assign a movie report after the movie. I guess this is where “to each his own” comes into play. However, from first hand experience, I spent less time actually paying attention and more time just listening to the important points or answers! I say, just let the students enjoy, soak it in, and then have a class discussion afterwards. Who would have thought it could be as easy as that! Wanna learn? Watch a movie!

If you wonder where you can access a wide variety of movies, go to This website is wonderful, cheap, and has awesome categories to split it all up! Go check it out!



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