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When you are out of ideas?!

It’s nearing the end of the school year, and you’ve used the computers, the smart board, music, movies, live video, and seem to be out of ideas to keep the kids attention on school and off their summer plans.

Well, this can be a problem and I remember as a student myself the last few weeks were the hardest to keep focused. We just wanted to be out of school! So, what can we as teachers pull out as secret weapons in order to keep their attention?

Let them out of school!

What?! What do you mean by that I assume you are wondering, well yes, let them out of class, let them go out on campus and explore for themselves. Give them a subject that you had in your lesson plans, tell them to incorporate one form of technology and make a mini lesson to teach your class next class session. It feels like a break for the kids, it’s not something generally teachers think to do. However, we as teachers know it best that you learn the best when you are teaching others, right? That’s the beauty of it, they choose their technology, they incorporate it in all types of different ways, they put a lesson together, and the students get to listen to someone other than you, the teacher! This was an idea that I thought of and wished my teachers would’ve let me do so I do not have a specific website to use because the form of the technology would not be up to me! It’s the students choice.

Happy Teaching!


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