A great site


Pinterest is amazing! I could say just that and end this post, but just in case you aren’t familiar with it I’ll fill you in on this website. First off, it can be used for social, educational, and business reasons. The list goes on with possibilities that Pinterest has to offer.

Here’s what you do:

Go to Then, explore!
There are endless possibilities of subjects you can search, then pictures and descriptions will come up to your search. Look through these. They have some really awesome and creative ideas no matter what you search! Then, when you see something you like. Pin it! Pinning something is just like saving it for yourself to look at later. You pin things to “Boards”, and boards are just a place to keep all of your findings organized. For example, you can create a board and name it “teacher stuff” or “my style” and you can pin all your teaching ideas, or strategies in that board. For the “my style” board you can post outfits that you like. Pinterest is very versatile and can be used for any purpose you can think of! Those are just two examples.

You also can look through the categories already set up for you. These categories include things like; Animals, Celebrities, Education, Food & Drink, History and so many more! I hope this isn’t too confusing, but Pinterest is so amazing and has so much to offer that it makes it hard to explain in a simple way.

Here: I’ll let you look through mine, but don’t forget to sign up and make your own account. It’s easy and free!


My First Post

SkyDrive: This is a tool we were taught about when in need of backing up our files to a secure location online. It was described to us as a virtual thumb-drive. It can be accessed on any computer and all your files will be right there at your hands to access, customize, read, etc. SkyDrive is a useful tool, and I would recommend looking it up if you don’t already know about this.

Twitter: This is a social networking tool that can be both very useful, and very social. This is a website that you can write “mini” posts¬† of 140 characters or less. You also have the ability to “follow” others profiles which allows you access to anything they post. If you choose to follow educational figures then you can benefit from this website and stay up to date on educational issues. On the other hand, if you choose to follow someone like Snooki, then you will have access to anything BUT education. This is why, under correct use Twitter can be very useful.

Google Drive: Google Drive is much like SkyDrive which I explained earlier, except, Google Drive happens to be my preferred online storage center. I like the Google Drive best because everything else that Google has to offer. I use Google all the time so it was just easier for me to have everything all in the same place.

Prezi: Prezi is comparable to PowerPoint, only Prezi is much more in depth, and customizable. It is essentially a power point that is more fun, and less boring. Also, with a valid student email address Prezi will authorize you a higher version than what others are able to use for free. I highly recommend teachers to transform their styles and choose Prezi next time they need to make a PowerPoint.

Smart Notebook: This is an incredibly useful tool that all educators should use to incorporate student participation in their daily lessons. Smart Notebook allows the teacher to create interactive and fun lessons that the students can easily use and learn from. I myself made a lesson, and taught that lesson to a classroom of 4th graders. It went very well, and the students genuinely had fun with this lesson because they were a part of the learning.

iPad App Reviews: During this module we were given access to an iPad, and were allowed to play and explore with the different apps the iPad had to offer. I had a lot of fun using an iPad and finding all sorts of French Language apps. There were numerous useful and educational apps that I found and downloaded to my own iPhone and plan on using.